16 June 2024
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About the Website - Dwar il-Website


Mgr Dr Joe Vella Gauci is a versatile and energetic scholar who continues to accumulate academic experiences which have greatly enriched his life.

The methodical creation of this innovative website was indeed a valid instrument by which the author projects a host of papers, research and other useful material into the public domain.  A much more efficient way of obtaining 100% utility from documents and papers which might otherwise have been left in the dimly lit drawers of libraries and research centres!
Dr Vella Gauci’s input is an underlining of his expertise in subjects related to the Mediterranean.  His love for his home island of Gozo and, inevitably, for the Maltese islands, is brought to the fore of this project due to the amount of work published which highlights the various social, cultural, linguistic, political and religious aspects of our national traditions and customs.  These essays, however, are not left in a vacuum. Constantly mindful of the need to project the uniqueness and importance of the Mediterranean region, other works are included and published on thinksite.eu which touch on a number of related topics.  These include historical briefs, Islamic and Christian relationships, philosophical and theological papers, Christology and other data and information.  His webpage is indeed highly commendable and the content will continue to grow due to unpublished material that Dr Vella Gauci has access to.
One sincerely, hopes that such a fount of information and reference will be used by students and scholars alike, together with the curious and the interested. In order to better one’s evaluation of the intricate synergy of the mentioned pillars of Dr Vella Gauci’s scholastic loves and to be able to recognize fact from fiction on a number of issues related to his chosen fields of scholastic knowledge.

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